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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Tools & resources that save time to get started.

Every business or every individual needs a home on the internet in today's times.

Through the years I got developers to make my site, however with changing times, even that has become a DIY thing.

So among a lot of the other things I do, I put this site together quickly for my personal use & a hub to document by startup journey. If it is of use for somebody out their, great.

For somebody to liked to do something new everyday & cannot manage to do anything over a period of time consistently, this is my effort to try to see how this far will go.

So, this site is my home on the internet where I document my learnings, the learnings from the books I read, people I learn from & most importantly the year where I wish to do everything that I am most uncomfortable doing to get to the next level.


If you want to try making a website your self for a change, it is worth giving it a go.

I use Wix. You can sign up for free & try it out & if you like it, move to the pro version to publish it.

I find it most easy for a " Do it your self" website & they have plenty of ready web templates you can choose from, whatever line of work or profession you are in.

Another one that I like to use is Wordpress on Blue host. This one needs a little more technical knowledge & costs less, but the options on plugins is much wider as it has been around for a much longer time.


One of the quickest ways to create posts is on Canva. Though I have used Illustrator & photoshop for more than 20 years, I just found that using canva made crafting a quick post so simple. All I do is make a template & my fellow members can quickly create posts & resize them without my involvement. So I highly recommend Canva for editing & adding text to the posts. Its ability to add video is making it a fast replacement for a lot of other tools we are used to for years.

Click here to try Canva

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