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Story telling medium of the future

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

80% of all internet data will be videos by 2021. If you are creating great food images, it is time now to skill it up & learn how to shoot videos

5 reasons why you should be shooting videos.

1. The future of all content on social is Video

As mentioned. 80% of all content is supposed to be video. We already see that a large part of the engagement is where there is video content. So it becomes essential to learn how to shoot video. Now shooting videos has also become simple. Plenty of technological developments to make this easy will help make it simple.

2. Video Boosts conversion & engagement.

People have already stopped reading long blog posts as attention span has dropped. Next came food photos, which now is inundating the internet. However people still pass them by on any social feed with great speed as they scroll from picture to picture with out paying any attention, unless it looks good enough for them to stop and pay attention. Whereas, people have to stop to watch a video. This helps increase engagement & build a connection.

3. Video builds trust.

When you watch a video, it is as close to being there personally. Connecting with people via skype or any similar video call apps already has established this. This is how when you watch a video, it becomes easy for anybody to trust you & the user feels they know you. It becomes easy to establish a emotional connection.

4. Video makes story telling so much better. The person watching will understand with the shortest time what you want to show. If you are telling a story using video, you have the opportunity to tell longer in depth stories to make a point. With great lighting & camera movements, once you create a mood , touching the persons feeling becomes so much easier.

5. Video Grab Attention : 65% of the viewers watch more than half of a video, which is more than text only. Video has the ability to be visual like a photo & adding audio & text, it becomes a sum total of all mediums. Whether the user is a visual learner or a auditory learner, it will grab the attention of people of all walks of life & the reason is if you have visuals that re attention grabbing & high quality, user watch it.

If you want to get started on learning how to shoot food: Click here.

I teach you online the theory & practical with feedback on how to shoot food.

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