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The first one.

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Is zero better than one like they say in the startup world or is one better than zero.

Wow! I am finally doing it. I am writing my very first blog!

Yes. This is blog number ONE.

I am no writer. I have struggled to write a single line of caption for my images. So this thought of learning to write has been on my mind for over 2 years now. Better late than never.

I believe everybody has a inborn skill. Sure, we can learn new skills, however the inate ability to do certain things, be it draw, create, talk, people skills, I believe we are born with.

Learning new skills takes time & dedication. If anybody is willing to put that in, surely they can gain new skills. And like they say do it for 10,000 hours & you will master it.

Writing is the new skill, I have been wanting to learn for a long time. I believe that we will never learn the skill until we do it. So this blog is my platform to perfect my skill.

This space is going to be where I share my thoughts on photography, visuals, videos , entrepreneurship, personal growth lessons along with updates on the new fun stuff I do at my photography studio, on the food tech venture Look and Cook and the online food photography & video learning course "Skill it" that is soon to be launched

I look forward to your comments & critic to get better at what I do.

Also you thoughts so we learn more from sharing.

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