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Find & Replace

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Do you see a pattern in my post images?

If this is the first one you are reading you need to read my earlier posts.

As I created these visual designs for my blog & was going through my daily routine of "1 Hour Education", I realized every thing we do in our life is about this 1 thing.

Let me explain. We use this feature in every software we use on a daily basis.

But how many of you realized that this is what we do to grow.

In school we write, erase & replace with new words to make it better.

When we lose a friend, what ever may be the reason, what do we do?

We find another friend & replace the empty space with a new friend.

As we grew up we replaced play activity with learning activity.

As adults when we lose a partner, a lover, or a girlfriend what do we do? Find another girlfriend.

From childhood we are programmed to find & replace.

A couple of years ago in the NLP course the first question the trainer asked was can you NOT think of a pink elephant.

What did we just do? Think of a pink elephant.

This goes to show that the mind cannot "NOT" think of something.

Now that we know this fact, how can we use it in daily life to make life easier.

Taking an example from my life:

I went through some challenges last year, & made a decision to practice positive thinking.

So as I do my daily activity, my mind goes back to thoughts from the past. I will stop as it begins, recognize that taking the thought forward in the mind will lead to a feeling of negativity that will not serve my future, when I have made a decision to be more positive.

Now the most important part. Telling the mind to stop thinking of what "I do not want to think about" was not helping. Remember the pink elephant.

I have to have a "REPLACEMENT" thought that I have kept handy, or a decision is made on what I will think about.

Meaning, I have found the negative thought that is not good for me, & as soon as it entered my mind, I will say stop & replace it with the thought I should be thinking about.

Find & replace again.

Since I discovered this, I use it for simple things like "I want to give up coffee" - What am I replacing it with?

Find the things that are the cause of the challenge & replace with a solutions.

Our whole file from birth to death mostly is a find & replace.

This is the way we grow, become better, become better human beings.

Share with me what is the next thing in your life you want to find & replace.

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