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Fear: a fear a day

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

How to overcome different fears that affect us at various levels? Read on for my take on how to over come it.

From fear of the Lizard ( for me) to fear of Public speaking, also known as Glossophobia (which 75% of the population suffer) the range is wide.

Fear of death, Fear of money, Fear of flying etc etc. can affect people at various levels. If you are interested to know more you can refer to the list of phobias.

So why am I talking about fear?

What stands out for me from this weeks educational journey is the subject on which I spent a good deal of time - Paradigm Shift.  

I realised that there is big barrier of Fear I need to break across to get to the next level.

What is the "next level"?  For me "next level" is where I have looked at people & said to myself, "I wonder how they did that?" or "I wish I could do that". The ability to do more than I have done before, the desire to do more than I can do, to push the boundary.

Not facing these fears is what is stopping me from moving to the next level or to become that person I want to become.  

So how am I going to solve this ? I thought like the saying goes an apple day keeps the doctor away, Why not have a fear a day which I have to overcome?

So I every evening before I go to bed, along with the other things I think about, I have now added a fear which I have to overcome the next day.

My solution to overcome fear, I think about the worst thing that can happen, & then decide if I can live with it. Almost always I can, cause that means I am moving forward towards improvement.

So for the first time I do it once, even I have to feel the fear.

“They say if you feel fear, do it any way!.”

The second time, I have experienced it so now know how it feels. So this time around there is a lot of discomfort, however I still do it.

I do it a couple of more times even if it is uncomfortable.

Slowly I will start getting comfortable with repetition. It then becomes a "Habit" & that is the NEW ME.

And this cycle goes on and on ..until I change the little things about me that are stopping me from getting to my goals.

So the way forward is to face a fear a day as the journey continues.

With out realizing it with all this logic, a few years ago, I joined BNI to learn how to network. My fear, being in a room full of people, especially business men. For just over a year I hated it, but I kept going there every week knowing my "WHY" & as time passed, I started getting comfortable.

Goes without saying, then I enjoyed it & it became part of me. Now I will not have sleepless nights if I have to go to a networking event.

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