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At Skill It,  I teach you how to shoot food videos & learn food photography along with food styling,online.


It is time to show off your cooking skills by making what taste so good look equally good. If you can cook, I will help you make creating content simple & easy. 

Benefits of learning to shoot video

  • Future way of communication.

  • Quick & easy form of communication

  • Helps you tell your story to sell.

  • Builds & elevates your brand.

  • Builds trust & creates connection.

Insy Chengappa

I have been a professional photographer for 17 years.  I shoot food videos & do food photography for many food brands & advertising agencies.


At '"Skill It" my mission is to make creating content so simple that  'if you can cook you can shoot'.

Digital Products



Here I teach you how to shoot videos irrespective of the camera.



Learn how to make the food look tasty as people eat with the eyes first



Putting it all together to tell your story is the key of a video.

Creating beautiful visuals has been my passion for years. I have made my career creating content for advertising & marketing for a multinational or a local brand.


My strength is to understand problems & to solve them in a simple way.

Having studied photography & with extensive experience, I have created lessons for you that are simplified & easy to grasp, even if you are a beginner.

All tech jargon is eliminated & plenty of practical visual explanations enable you to create visuals that are "Tasty" 


Join in & learn how to shoot food videos or food styling & learn video editing.

I’m here to guide you through it & help you every step of the way.

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Food Photography & Videos

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